Monday, 9 August 2010

What is the shape of a trapezium?

What is the shape of a trapezium?

It's a quadrilateral (4 sides) and it has two sides that are parallel. If you draw a triangle and cut off one corner, you'll have two figures. One is a triangle, and the other, the 4-sided one, will be a trapezium.

Trapeziums (or Trapezoids)
These shapes have only one pair of parallel sides. It doesn't have to have any two sides the same length, and, although it is possible to draw a parallelogram which has its diagonals crossing at right angles, generally speaking, they don't.

A parallelogram is a particular sort of trapezium where there are two pairs of parallel sides instead of just one. Similarly, a rhombus is a particular sort of parallelogram, and a rectangle is another particular sort of parallelogram. A square is a particular sort of rectangle and, at the same time, a particular sort of rhombus. This is summarised in the following Venn diagram:

T = Set of all trapeziums
P = Set of all parallelograms
Re = Set of all rectangles
Rh = Set of all rhombuses
S = Set of all squares


How To Find Area Of A Trapezoid


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