Friday, 5 June 2009

The Rain forest Poem

By Hannan

What is a rainforest?
I bet you'd like to know
It's a place where animals live
And plant and trees grow.

It's got birds, amphibians and mammals,
reptiles, insects, fish.
There are many kinds of fruit,
which make a lovely dish.

There are millions and millions of species,
of animals, plants, and trees.
But they're all disappearing,
they need your help, please!

The trees are all being cut,
Only seven percent remains,
What have left to our world?
We must be competely insane.

The animals live in the forest,
over one millions kinds,
when the trees go, so do they,
So don't just as if you're blind.

We need trees for oxygen,
and the animals need it too.
The rainforest provided many products we need,
with many things to study and do.

We have to take care of the rainforest,
cause half the world's creatures live there,
so write a letter or talk to your friends,
to show you really care!

bowerham school

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