Monday, 6 April 2009

Melting snow

The children wanted to make a snowman. Tom make the head, Joe make the body and when the sun came the snowman melted. The rain came down and the snowman became smaller and smaller. Mom makes some snowmen, but the snowman was smaller than the children and they all melted away.

-- hannan's version.

When it is snowing, everyone goes out to build a big snowman, but when the sun comes out, the snowman starts to melt and gets smaller. Then it rains and the snowman melts away. The children feel said, but Mom cheers them up by making some snowman ice-lollies.

-- book version on What is the story about.

story by Linda Strachan and Arlene Adams

"It's snowing. Let's make a snowman!"

Everyone came out to make a snowman.

"I want to make the head," said Tom.

"I want to make the body," said Joe.

Everyone helped to make the snowman. It got bigger and bigger.

The sun came out and the snow began to melt.

Our snowman got smaller and smaller.

The rain came down and more snow melted.

Our snowman got smaller and smaller.

Our snowman melted away. Everyone was sad.

Mum made some new snowmen.

They were smaller than our snowman.

Everyone got a little snowman.

They all melted away!

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